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Although April is coming to a close(April is PMDD Awareness Month) spreading awareness about PMDD, mental health, and women's health is extremely important. I have been suffering from PMDD(Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) since I was a teenager but was officially diagnosed by my doctor in August 2020. So.. what exactly is PMDD? PMDD is a severe form of PMS....

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The Power of Focus

Don’t let your past trick you into thinking you are your past and that it is who you will become— because it’s not.    I’ll admit, your environment growing up has a lot to do with who you are now as an adult. It can shape everything. How you see life, your beliefs, and your views. It not...

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The founding OF HAYFT

In 2020, the citizens of our planet faced an unusual event: the spread of a new virus that practically halted our lives and forced us to adapt to remote living and isolation. During that time, I did not feel well mentally. I felt down and sad. I had to battle many intrusive thoughts. It also did not help...

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How COVID is affecting my PMDD

Whew, this last month has been crazy, to say the least. Well, I caught COVID (after avoiding it for all these years, I guess it was my turn)  Thankfully, since I did get both doses of the Pfizer vaccine/booster last year it could've been way worse but it still wasn't fun at all. I experienced congestion, body aches,...

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Boundaries Will Change Your Life

I am sure we have all been told "you need to have boundaries." So.. what exactly are boundaries? Boundaries are defined as the practice of openly communicating and asserting personal values. Boundaries can be emotional, physical, or even digital. They are extremely important to have in relationships. If you know your boundaries before entering a situation, it can...

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